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Non toxic and non re soiling upholstery cleaning services throughout Sussex from an NCCA qualified company.


Upholstery / Sofa cleaning



Why employ a professional ?

Replacing your soft furnishings is a very expensive business, also a cheap price from an inexperienced operator can also be expensive if damage is caused in their cleaning process.

We have seen many cases of furniture damage over the years, with a combination of too much moisture, incorrect solutions or even too high wter temperatures.

How do we work ?

Our multi stage upholstery cleaning system is designed to remove maximum soiling and moisture used in the cleaning process, the ‘rule of thumb’ is usually, the drier the soft furnishings, the maximum soil and staining removal.

We prepare soft furnishings with extensive brushing / vacuuming  first.

Our solutions are then evenly applied to the sofa or chair we are working on.

Brushing in…. using a power (orbital) brush or a tempur hand held brush.

Individual stains are then carefully treated. A dwell time is left before we connect our Sapphire specialist upholstery cleaning tool.

Sofa cleaning

Thie Sapphire sofa cleaning tool  lifts ground in dirt and soiling effectively with no over wetting, customers are often surprised at how dry furniture is directly after cleaning.

Cushions are left standing up, air dries fabric surfaces more effectively like this.

We can speed up drying times by using Turbo drying equipment if requested.


How do our sofas / armchairs get so dirty?

Everyday usage will see your favourite chair or sofa looking slightly greyer as the months go by, newsprint is a particular villain, tiny droplets of ink will find their way on to your sofa or chair.

We all read whilst sitting on them, over a period of time (usually on the arms) ink will accumulate on the fibres, giving a dirty or dull appearance.

The practice of TV dinners also contribute to upholstery soiling too, red wine seems to have a big attraction to our furniture !

Our system removes this build up, leaving no soil attracting residue in the fabric afterwards

Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats are often the reason we are visiting clients. They have a knack of appearing in places that we would rather they wouldn’t.

Pets are one of the main soiling contributors around the home. Sand, soils, twigs, leaves, dust, fluff, blood, saliva and much more will be entering your home on  regular basis.

Forunately our process is totally pet and human friendly, so no nasty Acids or Alkali will be lurking in the fibres for skin or paw absorbtion.


sofa cleaning


. Many companies still use detergents in their process, we believe the use of detergents is unnecessary, our micro-splitting solutions are not only non re-soiling but non toxic, with no synthetic smell or aggressive content. Your fibres will stay cleaner for longer !

Local services

We always try to use and promote local business rather than big chains / national companies.

Our products are sourced by us, tested by us and only used in our clients homes / workplaces when we are satisfied with their performance and ethical / toxin free qualities

Some areas we cover

If you live in Brighton, Hove, Kemptown, Lewes, Rottingdean, Portslade or Saltdean and have sofa cleaning requirements, just fill in our submission form for a rapid quotation.

Why not call us on Brighton 634177 or send us a text message starting with ‘quote’ to 07802 177435 followed by your requirements, we will text back on the same day with a speedy qutation.

 Upholstery cleaning quotation

Upholstery drying whilst working in Hassocks recently

Upholstery CleaningDon’t forget that we are National Carpet Cleaners Association Members   passing examinations after course attendance to gain full membership

Serious sofa cleaning in Brighton and Hove !


Carpet cleaning van

Keep an eye open for our vans in your neighbourhood, if we are working near you why not pop over and say hello?

We are often able to drop into your home for a personal quotation too.