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Our bed…

We all spend a lot of time in our bed, its the place where dust mites love to live !

Every day / night we shed millions of flakes of skin, they settle in our pillows, duvet and mattresses..

Keeping your Mattress clean is just as important as the bedsheets and pillows.

Cleaning for health

Dust mites wont hurt us but the protiens found in their excrement can cause us health issues.

Body oils, sweat, beverage stains an much more can reduce the clenliness of your mattress, after a while the mattress can start to smell.

Mattress cleaning process

We ask our customers to strip their bed. We will then vacuum both the mattress. After this we will apply our mattress cleaning solutions.

Whilst the solutions are working we treat stained areas using a rotating power brush.

We then connect our mattress cleaning tool to our high airflow system designed to pull out maximum levels of soil from the fibres.

A full mattress clean will see drying times of around 3 hours, enabling the bed to be slept on in the evening.

Since 1986

We have been cleaning beds in Sussex for more that 30 years, in this time we have experienced many different types of mattress including memory foam, tackling high end Tempur units too.

Are we qualified ?

We are NCCA members, this means we have the only recognised qualifications in our industry, always ask if a company is an National Carpet Cleaners Association members

Are we insured ?

Yes we are. Did you know that standard liability insurance doesn’t cover activities in our industry. We have to aquire full Treatments Risk Insurance to ensure that our customers are looked after in the unlikely event of an issue whilst cleaning for them.


If you would like some advice relating to mattress cleaning just call us on Brighton 634177


If you would like a quotation for cleaning then simply click our online quotation page link. Specify your  type and size, we will email back on the same day with a fully inclusive quotation.

Even faster and easier quotation ? Simply text 07802 177435 followed by the word ‘Mattress’ and its size, we will do the rest.

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